Friday, March 28, 2008

Cookies Anyone ?

Get this, each time someone comes to our office from our mother company in Japan or either one of our colleague that goes on trip, they will buy some souvenirs back for us...Mainly, chocolates or any weird looking snacks that you can't find in Malaysia. This is what we got from our Operating Officer/ General Manager for Marketing Department from our mother company in Japan when he visits for the launching of Nostale during ACGC event. It looks cute and obviously, I do not have the heart to eat it... But yet it's so irresistible !


However, the thing that made me start this topic for is my dinner when we're all staying back in office for an in-game event at night. All of us ordered for McDonald and I got myself a Double Cheeseburger (regular size of course) . I finished off the fries while carrying out the event as I was kinda starving ( you know, McDonald deliveries in Malaysia is funny. Once when I ordered, they told me it's gonna take 2 hours to deliver my order to my office... yeah, you can imagine how I looked like then...). Anyway, the funny part was... my dinner actually looks like those clay toy foods... You know...Kids love to play with those stuff...I forgot what's the name... Play-Doh?



I was staring at the burger for I think...around 10 - 15 minutes? Play-Doh lookalike foods... *Chomp* *Chomp*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ACGC Event @ Times Square 22nd - 23rd March 2008

Needless to say, as you can see from the title, it's finally our big day for the launching of Nostale by myRosso ! Not only that of course, AsiaSoft is also launching their big time game, which is Cabal Online. It's a hectic day for all of us and I was amazed by those people who came as a cosplay. They were amazing. Even though (ok I'm gonna be a slightly or a lot mean, but, it's the fact) their looks is not okay, but trust me, their costumes are... I'm stunned ! I ain't gonna talk much about this event... The pictures are gonna do the talking as there is a hell lot of it !! Check it out ! ACGC (Animation, Comic, Game Convention) Event @ Times Square on 22nd - 23rd of March 2008 ! Behold !


An over view of our booth...




People starting to rush in to buy our in-game items...


Cabal Booth is just at the other end from us...


Players testing out our new game Nostale...


Our Cosplayers !!


The Ran Girls...



Part of the staff with the cosplayers


Look ! The Cabal cosplayers !!


Omg ! Our Ran Girls with the guy with V for Vendetta mask...


Cosplayers for Bleach anime ! That's Kuchiki Byakuya and... I had no idea who is that... haha ! Below are the others cosplayer I see around ...







There is so many pictures that I'd love to update but unfortunately I ain't got enough time to do it. Hopefully you guys are satisfied with all these pictures ! Omedetto minaasan !

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lord, Accept The Plea of This Humble One

Dear Lord,
This may be the first time I pray to You,
I pray sincerely with all my heart and soul,
For You to listen to my pleas...
I may not be a christian or a non believer,
But I pray that You'd accept my prayers.

For I pray that my friend will get well,
And win the battle against the illness he is suffering,
For all of us wishes that he will get well,
And he truly deserves to live longer than anyone of us,
For he is the greatest guy ever alive that I've met...

It breaks my heart to hear the news of his sufferings,
I hope that You'd help him through this,
I hope that You'd carry him up through this,
I hope that You'd be with him during his toughest moments,
I hope that You'd shine the light along his way...

Dear Lord,
Just let him live and be with us,
It's too soon for this to happen,
He deserve to be here and I honestly think he is a saint,
Please, accept the pleas of this humble one
And let him get well soon...

Thank You Lord,

p/s : Don't break all our heart as we loved him a lot...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Daily Trip To Work

Every single day, I was so bored driving to work, getting stuck in the jam all the way from my house to my office, I will just start to play with my phone camera. Getting annoyed with the traffic finally, I decided to show the world today, How Malaysians drive to work each weekday...

Before going out, my favorite pillow on my lap... One of my Snoopy collectibles =p


All set and tuned to my favorite radio station... !! I know my radio looks old... But be grateful once you get a car cuz if once you lost it, you'd feel like you're without a pair of legs...That's how I felt for the last 2 years when my previous car was stolen... *Curse the robbers to hell*


The traffic finally begins once I set out...This place is like 5 minutes away from my house only... How bad can it be?


It looks smooth to you doesn't it? That's cuz I can't seem to get the picture the moment the car stops because I'm busy getting the car moving and taking pictures at once... I can be fined if I ever get caught with this... =p


Finally...The slight relieve before entering into another hell...Here, I was relaxing and smoking and snapping away xD



Well, the hell after this couldn't be shown as there was too much traffic police around and I wouldn't wanna get caught doing all these. I mean, I had a phone in my hand ! Each day, it takes me approximately around 1 hour to get to my office when in fact, if it doesn't jam like this, I would have reached my office in like, less than 30mins? Think for yourself...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cabal Online - The Revolution of Action

First off, let's not think of my work position here. Yeah, I know I work for myRosso and stuff, but work is work, private life is private life. Therefore, don't mingle these both together. Anyway, just a simple introduction into this game. A true addiction into this game compared to Nostale. I've honestly fallen in love with its graphic and the way they design the characters and also its costumes. Not to mention the beauty of the characters skills. This 3rd person view perspective MMORPG action game, created by ESTsoft, includes skills and class system, PvP as well as guild system. The game takes place in a mythical world called Nevareth, which has been decimated by an evil entity known as CABAL. The PVP system has a limit of 3 minutes in which you must kill the player in order to receive 1 honor point (that can be used for buying higher stacks of items/potions in 1 inventory slot) and the player is automatically sent to the nearest town with no death penalties.

That's a basic introduction into this game. Embedded here is the clip from YouTube of Cabal characters. Check it out and judge it for yourself and also ask yourself, Why Should I Not Love Cabal ?

Meanwhile, this video (below) is a comparison between Cabal Online and Silkroad Online.

I really have nothing to say about the song in the beginning. Of course, not meaning to criticize, but face the facts... I do love Cabal !! ESTsoft you guys rock for creating such game !

This is how my blader gonna be when she's at Level 70 ! Can't wait for it ~!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Civilization IV

Honestly, I never thought I will be addicted to this game !


For those that has totally no idea about what the heck this game is about, let me just shed some light to you. Civilization IV, created by Sid Meier, itself has a few episode. Of course, this is the latest. You can choose to play this game yourself or multiplayer. It supports a lot of stuff. With the great 3D graphics, you can basically see the animated characters going around and also, not mentioning the world wonders in your country. Basically, Civilization game is about starting off from the beginning of human era. After choosing to become the leader that you want (I tend to choose Mao ZeDong most of the time), you will be given a settler to start off with and from there onwards, you will choose a place to build your own city and keep expanding by building more stuff and also researching things. With the discovery of new techs, civic options can become available. From there, you can choose freedom of speech or slavery or even caste system. Depends on your own choice.  For me personally, I like to play religion more cuz I tend to convert other civilization to my religion of choice ! *Laughs* This is one thing I find interesting enough in the game itself. As you go further in time, you will be able to find those great people such as those famous artists, tycoon, prophets and even scientists born either in your city or other cities. Let me show you some pictures and videos of how the game is like...


This is what the game looks like partly after a development.

This is the trailer of Civilization IV. The exact opening of the game is almost the same. Minus out the talking only.

This is just the theme song for Civilization IV. Can't find the music itself so I just grab this from YouTube. It's quite nice to listen to.

This one is just to show what the game is all about and how it goes basically. Anyway, mind the language. It's German.

To find out more about this game, check out it's official website ! Civilization IV

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nostale, Another Addiction

Even though I know my blog is soon gonna turn into just another gaming blog, but anyhow, I am still going to write about this brand new game that my company is bringing in and believe me, it's another crazy addiction game as I've tested the game with my fellow colleagues and finds that the game events are interesting. It actually brings out the feeling where we're all just like normal players in one cybercafe screaming at each other to work stuff out properly and not dying on each other. It was a fantastic feeling. Feeling the excitement, I decided, that even if the game is in Chinese version for the time being, I'm gonna learn how to play it due to :

1. It's a cute version game (without doubt, girls would love it)



(Just a screenshot of the game that I manage to dig from the sites)


(this picture is from Taiwan nostale)

2. I'm totally addicted into this crap because of it's PvP function!


3. It has some pretty exciting raids inside that you guys can party up to 15 people in a party.

This is one of the big time raid, the chicken boss raid.

This is another raid, Aqua Gel boss raid.


Coming soon from ... Be sure to catch our official launching Open Beta on 22nd and 23rd March at Times Square,3rd Floor with ACGC launching ! Our booth will be the biggest there.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Congratulations, Melvin and Sharon !

Here, I'd like to congratulate my friend, Melvin Lee, for getting married with his years long sweetheart, Sharon Woo. Needless to say, I attended their wedding dinner at Times Square Convention Center, Grand Ballroom last night. I only managed to take a few pictures of the wedding as some of the pictures are with Veron. Yeah I went there with her. I had to pay for her for the 'ang pao' just to make her come along with me as I only know Melvin. Without doubt, his wedding is second grandest compared to Derek (Kyo's brother). I was awed by the cake of course (it's 8 storey high! ) and the decorations there. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to spend till the end of the wedding dinner as I am quite exhausted last night in fact.

Dinner started at 8:30pm and it started off quite beautifully and surprisingly. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of the girl inside the clam when they serve the first dish. Anyway, check out the few pictures I got currently. I will upload the rest once I got it from Veron. Again, Congratulations to you, Melvin and I hope that you will have a very lasting beautiful relationship with your wife. I loved the pictures you took with your wife. It has blown me away seeing the beauty of both you and your wife. God Bless you and your family till eternity.

*Sigh* too bad I can't get a picture with Melvin and his wife, Sharon.










That's me! Just reached and gotten our seat on Table 46 !


Can you see it ?! That's the 8 storey high cake! It's beautiful (if only I can get the picture upclose)


One of dish, Steamed White Pomfret, that Veron took... She wanted to take the after picture and call it a 'Dead fish' ... Suits her I think. =p


That's me and Veron at the wedding dinner.

at MelvinWed

That's me after the wedding. Outside at the reception area taking picture in front of the ice carving.

This is their picture I took from Melvin's friendster haha! Even though it's not the wedding picture, but it's just to show, who is the lucky couple